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Affordable Tree Care New Tree and Bush Planting Services - Photo by Bruce MarlinPlanting a tree is a great thing to do and there are many reasons why you may want to plant a tree or bush on your property. Trees provide shade, protection from the wind, privacy, and can add overall value to your property. And of course, trees may yield fruit for eating, or flowers for decoration.


Affordable Tree Care is knowledgeable in all areas of tree planting, and you can  hire us to select, deliver and plant trees and bushes on your property. Here are two important things to consider:


What Tree to Plant

When selecting trees for your property, there are a few factors that should influence your decision. Two key questions to ask are "Can the tree survive in Wisconsin's climate?" and "Will the tree be invasive to my immediate environment?". The answers should be "yes" and "no" respectively, of course. For a tree to be non-invasive it must live harmoniously with other native species, and never grow to the point that it becomes a hazard to nearby structures or power lines. After considering the important factors, there are many trees that will thrive in Wisconsin's climate. Contact the tree experts at Affordable Tree Care to help you decide.


Maintaining New Trees For Healthy Growth

The first two years of a trees life are filled with dangers that may compromise a trees survival. At this time, the trees bark and root structure are delicate, and depending on the tree, you may need to provide extra protection to ensure healthy growth. First off, it is important that you know what time of year is best to plant your tree. And second, how to provide the extra care the tree requires as it matures.


Affordable Tree Care can provide the following services for your trees: pesticides to keep away harmful insects; staking to enable the trees roots to establish in a straight position, fertilization, trimming and other services as well. 


*Senior Citizen discount available for people over 65. Please inquire at time of estimate.