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Seasoned Firewood for Fireplaces, Camping & Wood Burners

Split or Loads of Logs

Seasoned Mixed Hard Wood. Average 16-19” Pieces. Clean Burning and Easy to Light. Affordable Tree Care has been selling firewood for 30 years and we consistently receive a lot of compliments on our firewood!  All orders are hand picked!  Free Delivery within most areas of Racine & Kenosha 

Affordable Tree Care - Seasoned Firewood for Fireplaces, Camping & Wood Burners


Face Cord Half Cord Full Cord
(approximately 4 ft. High x 8 ft. Long) 1 1/2 face cords 3 face cords
You'll love our seasoned mixed wood!!
Mixed Hardwood Mixed Hardwood Mixed Hardwood
$125 $190 $340


All Oak - Face Cord All Oak - Half Cord All Oak - Full Cord
$170 $240 $425

Firewood Stacking (when we are able to back up and stack close by the truck) *Additional charges may apply if there is an additional distance.

$60 $85


Loads of Logs (for wood burners - approximately 3-4 cords delivered on our log truck) are also available.. CALL 262-681-3021 for more information.

Download a copy of our Firewood Instructions for important tips and tricks for wood burning.